#9 Learn that instrument

I grew up playing the piano to classical music composed by the likes Mozart and Beethoven. It was something that was chosen for me by my mom.  I never particularly enjoyed it or really connected with it even though everyone around me including my music teacher all stated I had an innate talent for it.

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How the world became a better place

July 8th, 1981. The world became a better place all thanks to me, for on this day, I have graced the world with my presence. You are now a better person because of me. Rock on. So let’s celebrate!

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Career Milestones

1981: Graced the Earth. The world Rejoiced. The soil become

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#6 Throw A House Party When Your Parents Are Out

Seeing as how I’m more grown up now, I probably won’t be throwing a house party when my parents are out in the literal sense. However back in 2004, I used to live with a roommate, the artist formerly known as “Big Baby Donuts” aka BBD, aka Matty Boom Boom, aka the Jolly Green Giant.

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#67 Visit the world

I don’t think this list can ever be complete but here are the places I’ve been.

You might have to zoom in on different regions as the photos tend to overlap

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Hong Kong






Middle East




Central America

Puerto Rico

South America


North America

New York City…Period.

#7 Eat Chocolate Covered Ants

Chocolate Covered Ants

With 2010 winding to a close, some friends of mine decided to have a secret santa exchange on New years eve. One of the gifts my Secret Santa got me was Chocolate Covered Ants, since I guess she saw this list and got me this gift to help me scratch off another

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#85 Visit the World’s Tallest Buildings

Well, I don’t know about visiting all the world’s tallest buildings. but i did visit the world’s tallest building as of 2010, the Burj Kalifa located in Dubai.

World's Tallest Building, The Burj Kalifa in Dubai

They only let you up to the 124th out of 160 floors of the tower

Burj Kalifa Observation Deck, 124

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#3 Win an Award, Trophy or Prize

Most of my trophies that I have won were from my elementary school days. There was really no hard work needed as pure natural God given talent allowed me to excel in Basketball and Tennis.

Please refer to me as Mr. Champion.

However the more recent Trophy, and the largest I ever have gotten is

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#103 Lasik for my eyes. No more contacts!

Most people get Lasik Surgery for the perfect vision so they don’t have to deal with contacts or glasses anymore, For me I got it so I can shoot lasers out of my eyes. Yeah……frickin laser beams.

Hero of the World

#86 Run a Marathon

January 2010:

One of my goals is to run a Marathon. It’s simpler said than done. To achieve something like this takes dedication, discipline and a change of lifestyle (eat well, drink less, and sleep more). I figure by attempting to do the Marathon it will help me with every other aspect of my life incidentally

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