Yangtze Crew Break Dancing – Asian Assembly 1999

Bronx High School of Science. “Asian Assembly 1999”

Asian Assembly is a huge packed crowd type of show every year that is held at the Bronx High School of Science were students perform various shows, from martial arts, to cultural dances, to well….um…..break dancing…because you know….Break dancing is part of ancient Chinese Culture don’t you know? Anyways it all started with a bunch of Seniors the year before, that put on a sick performance that brought down the roof, and in the audience was 6 individuals enjoying the spectacle and thinking to themselves they gotta learn how to do that. As luck may find it, one of us knew those seniors, and they agreed to teach us the skills as they wanted to pass it down to us. So the next year was a grueling 2 hours of after school practice, in which many of us got home at 9pm or later. All of us started with 0 skills and experience. And during this time, we suffered some serious injuries from sprained ankles to broken fingers, mild concussions, and a ridiculous case of tendinitis. As the day of the show drew closer rumors started to build on what we were practicing for, as walking through hallways with bandages, a staggered limp, or other physical injuries really can’t be hidden that well. By the day of the show, the hype was tremendous, and even though the actual show ran late, and we were the last act, students stayed an extra 45 minutes after school just to see our act. Here’s a picture of the Yangtze (Pronounced YoungZay for you foreigners) Crew. All I can say is, it was an awesome show, while we may not be the greatest breakers there is, we came from 0 experience to put on a show that made our mark senior year. The next few weeks after that, we could not walk through the hallways without people yelling out us “Yangtzeee crew, or Yongzeeee crew, or any other butchered derivative of how it’s really suppose to be pronounced. Why Yangtze? Because it stands for the Yellow River, and we’re…well…yellow.

And me getting all nostalgic after my 5 year High School reunion I decided to digitize the VHS copy we have so without further Ado, The Video, hit Play and Enjoy