#75 Get a tattoo and/or piercing

I’ve always been a naive little mama’s boy so freshman year in College I decided to do something “rebellious” and decided to get a piercing. I wound up getting a cartilage piercing since it was really popular circa 2000. The funny story occurred when while getting the piercing I hadn’t eaten anything yet. And when they used the piercing gun, the gun for some reason got stuck/locked and they couldn’t get it off. They yanked it a few times causing pain and I guess my body viewed it as an injury and decided to rush all blood to my critical organs thus causing one hell of a head rush and a “seizure”. This is where my online handle of Seizure came from.

This seems to be the only photo I found with me still having the piercing so I just scanned it in but you have to look really hard to see it. Good Times.

College. Good old days