Jin the PC version 1.0

“JIN tha PC” version 1.0
Named after the first Asian Ruff Ryder, JIN tha MC

The Case – Lian Li PC60B

**PHASE 1**

My Case Before during Phase 1

The Power supply. As you can tell the cables are really messy.

I wrapped up my PSU cables in WHITE split looms for better air flow and less clutter, and UV sensitive.

Up close look at the split looms

Another Shot of the Split Looms

Everything Connected in my Case

You can see the blacklight UV tube on the bottom with the Blue Invertor box on the right

Shot of the BLUE sound sensitive cold cathode light.

Side shot of my PC

Shot of the new QUAD LED lights from Coolermaster. 34 CFM @ 25 DBA. Very quiet and effecient

Shot of the back of the PC where the Fan grill is

Click for a VIDEO LIGHTSHOw of the sound sensitive Cold cathodes in action

After much discussion I realized I had a really messy case inside. So I decided to tidy up things a bit.

**Phase 2**

Notice how cluttered the wires look in the middle. My CPU idled around 114F on a AMD 1.4 ghz T-Bird.

Looks much cleaner now doesn’t it? My CPU temps dropped to 98F idle just by tidying up the cables. Quite dramatic I must admit.

I used Molex extenders and rerouted all my power cables to the back of my motherboard try on the other side of the case. Then I just “popped out cables” wherever I needed power.

With the blue CCFL’s on.

A shot of my computer in the dark.
And of course. A video of the new PC in action.