A Mexican Standoff

So the basic story goes like this. It’s early morning and I just woke up. I’m sitting at my desk and Lap (guy locked outside the house in the video below) comes running into my room asking “where’s the gun? where’s the gun?”. But while he’s saying this he’s holding my Berretta 92 airsoft gun. An airsoft gun is a replica gun modeled after a real world pistol but shoots harmless plastic bb’s. So since he’s asking me where the gun is, I can only assume he’s asking about my BB GUN RIFLE with Sniper Scope that I use to fire 1,000 FPS (Feet per second) rounds of aluminum match grade BB’s at the Geese roaming my backyard along the lake. I use it to hunt off the Geese so they stop laying massive craps in my barbeque benches.

Anyways, Lap runs of the room when I don’t answer since I’m still groggy and not fully awake. Then Ron (guy with orange and white stripe G-unit hat) comes running into my room shouting I can’t believe he shot me with that pistol! “Where’s the Big Gun? I’m going to kill that guy” to which I reply, “it’s under the bed!”. So Ron grabs the BB gun rifle, cocks it and runs out of the room. My only thought at this moment was not to call the police but more that I better get the camera rolling since I’m about to witness something magical happen.

And let the video roll…………..