Ant Farm – Build me my Empire!

Antworks Ant Farm with Blue LED base
So for Christmas I got an Ant Farm as a gift (I requested it).What’s cool about this ant farm is it’s been reinvented for the 21st century with blue space gel! Apparently this gel is based on the one used in the 2003 NASA Space expedition, or to jog your memory, remember the Simpsons Episode where Homer goes to space and breaks the glass on the Ant Colony? Yes, this is based on that. Now unlike the previous Uncle Milton Ant farm which used sand what’s cool about the Antworks Ant Farm is the gel is not only their tunnel and home, but it’s also provides food and water to them, so I don’t have to do Jack. Just the way I like it. The bad thing is, I can’t pretend to be an earthquake and shake the farm until the tunnels collapse since it’s a solid material. The ants cost $4 shipped for about 25 red harvester ants.

So I’ve decided to share my super cool chick magnet like experience with you but since I don’t have the right equipment to do a Time Lapse Video. I’ll just take day to day photos. So here we go.

Day 1

So you poke 4 holes into the gel to get the ants started on their colony

+12 hours

The right tunnel starts to get some work done

+15 hours

The right tunnel is enlarged a bit

+23 hours

The right tunnel now has two entrances

+37 hours

Tunnel #3 is now being worked on.

+38 Hours

The Back of the Ant Farm. Here you can see the the majority of the ants hiding in Tunnel #4 plotting to overthrow me.

+60 hours

Tunel #3 now has two opennings. Soon they’ll figure out how to connect the tunnels together.

+68 Hours

+76 Hours

They are starting to connect all the tunnels together.

+80 Hours

+85 Hours

They are connecting all their tunnels together now. So far there has been 1 casualty.

+91 Hours

+100 Hours

+124 Hours

Progress is starting to slow now , and there has been casualties, about 4 dead already. It’s been atleast a day since any significant changes.

+136 Hours

Like a minimum wage cubicle job, the ants now just stand around waiting for their time to die.

+150 Hours

You knew it was going to happen. As the realization that I am a deity amongst these ants slowly dawn on me, so does my creative wrath grow. Seeing as how my worshippers have decided to stop building me my empire and just start to stand around and do nothing I decided to punish them by summoning the powers of the great silver spoon, which was used to flatten and block all their tunnels from the surface. Now they must work double hard to drag the pieces into their tunnels to open them up, then drag the pieces from the tunnels back to the surface to unclog their tunnels. A lesson in futility.

+180 Hours

Ants: Help our tunnels collapsed again trapping us from our homes
Me: Muhahahaha. Suckers.

So yeah, after they fixed their tunnels up, I figure I bury them again. Rinse and repeat guys, Rinse and repeat

+188 Hours

And who said a little motivation doesn’t snap the plebians back to work. Looks like my loyal slaves are back to work again extending my kingdom.

+196 Hours

They are continuing with the tunnel on the bottom, thinking if they dig further they can find a way to escape to the side.

+202 Hours

Oh! Denied by the shatterproof plexi glass, now they think they can dig up the right side towards freedom.