Yankee ALDS Playoffs 2007

Ah yes the Yankees. Long live the Empire. Seeing as how I was back in New York finally after so many years in buffalo I figure it was time to get back into baseball and finally go to a Yankees Game, even though I spent 4 years of High School taking the number 4 train past Yankee stadium but never setting foot once in the stadium. After going to a couple of games the Yankees made an improbable run and secured the wild card and thus had a berth in the post season.

Also add to the fact that I got a shiny new Yankee Hat and now fit in like everyone else (Thanks CK) and I also won a Derek Jeter jersey as 1st place prize in my work fantasy baseball league. The stars seemed aligned and destined for me to go to a Yankee playoff game. Too bad Yankees.com was sold out of all tickets and ebay had ridiculous prices for them. So I gave Merrill Lynch Concierge a call to secure some tickets

6 tickets to Playoff Glory!
Lo and Behold they were able to secure 6 tickets at a very reasonable price. This is quite the accomplishment because tickets are usually purchased in pairs so whoever their source was must had a lot of pairs of tickets.
Jonny #1 and Jonny #2 with Ronald
Getting to the stadium was another ordeal. 1 hour on the train packed in like sardines with some rowdy yankee fans. But we finally arrived. Things started off so well too.
Chen Ming Wang. You just set Taiwan back 10 years.
A shot of the packed stadium in the 2nd inning with Chien Ming Wang still on the mound. The day would end in disaster as the Yankees played like the Bills. Looking for every opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot and lose the game. They left runners on base constantly and meekly flied out and or ground into a double play. The following video pretty much summed up the miserable game