#86 Run a Marathon

January 2010:

One of my goals is to run a Marathon. It’s simpler said than done. To achieve something like this takes dedication, discipline and a change of lifestyle (eat well, drink less, and sleep more). I figure by attempting to do the Marathon it will help me with every other aspect of my life incidentally such as Focus, Resolve, Discipline, and hard work as well as it’s simply good for your health.

Running through Times Square

Running through Times Square. Mile 8

I wasn’t planning on doing it this year as I never ran before in my life but I was telling a friend about this goal, and the very next day they sent me a link to the Half Marathon and the Full Marathon and said…here’s the registration link, get started. At first I wanted to protest and say not this year, or I haven’t trained etc. but in the end they are all excuses, so I said sure and signed up for both. I was immediately selected in the lottery system for the Half Marathon in January with the race scheduled for March 21st 2010. I followed Hal Higdon’s 12 week Half Marathon training course for Novices with Danny Dreyer’s Chi Running Technique for Injury free running.

Victory! Official time 2 Hours 20 minutes.

The day before the Half Marathon race I had to attend a wedding for a good friend of 20 years, we practically grew up together. It probably wasn’t smart for me to stay until 2am with my race at 7:30am with a 5am wake up because of travel time). Never the less I ran, and what seemed like an insurmountable goal before the race, and during the race, was overcome and it was one of the greatest feelings in my life. This goes to show you that anyone with training can run at least the Half Marathon as I am proof itself. I highly encourage everyone to do this. It’s such a feeling of high when accomplishing something like this and I know I will continue to make running part of my life.

You gotta love the American Flag and the Thumbs up sign

Now that I got the Half Marathon out of the way. I am crossing my fingers to get selected in the lottery system for the November Full Marathon and accomplish goal #86 of mine.

April 2010:

Well I got rejected from the 2010 NYC Marathon so I will have to either get in by raising $2500 for charity or do 9 qualified races and volunteer for 1 event. So I chose the latter. I also decide to run all 5 boroughs for the Half Marathons

December 2010:

Well I have completed my 9+1 should I should be guaranteed for the Marathon in 2011. This goal is taking longer than expected as it’s going to take me 2 years of training to accomplish this.

November 2011

I chickened out and deferred my entry status. I had a Staten island half marathon about a month before the race and after I finished I couldn’t imagine doing another lap. I guess I”m not ready

June 2012

I am pretty much all set for the NYC Marathon this November. No quitting this time. I also completed the 5 borough half marathon challenge

Brooklyn Bronx, Queens and Staten from the battery to the top of Manhattan -Beastie Boys

October 2012

After training all year, Mother Nature decided to intervene. Superstorm Hurricane Sandy caused devastation across New York and the Marathon was effectively cancelled. It was the right thing to do as it would’ve been wrong to hold what is suppose to be a joyous event running across devastated areas where people were still without food/water/electricity.


November 3rd 2013

After 4 years of trying to accomplish this bucket list goal I can finally say I am a marathoner. It would’ve been too easy to quit after the Marathon was cancelled last year but this time I found friends who wanted to do it also and we trained together. It made it that much easier to stay focused on our goal. The marathon was a lesson on dedication and sacrifice. Going to sleep early on friday’s and waking up early on Saturday’s to do our long training runs that could take up to 4 hours and then being too tired to do anything else for the rest of the weekend. This type of dedication lasted throughout the year. But in the end it was all worth it. The Marathon itself was not a race, it was an experience. I’m kind of glad I deferred back in 2011, as I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed running it by myself as much as with friends. The crowd and the energy out there in the cold screaming and supporting complete strangers was exhilarating.  And running into all our friends waiting in the cold screaming their heads off was awesome. It’s something I encourage everyone to do. when I started I could not run more than 0.25 miles without huffing and puffing. It just takes time and dedication and slowly that 0.25 miles became 0.5 miles then 1 mile…then 10….then 15….and then 26.2!