#3 Win an Award, Trophy or Prize

Most of my trophies that I have won were from my elementary school days. There was really no hard work needed as pure natural God given talent allowed me to excel in Basketball and Tennis.

Please refer to me as Mr. Champion.

However the more recent Trophy, and the largest I ever have gotten is for playing Softball. This was one of the most rewarding experiences because it took a lot of practice, hard work, and overall team effort all culminating in a dominating win. This was a one day tournament where we woke up at 5am in the morning and played until 7pm where we were victorious with a perfect record not losing to a single team and even involved a walk off win against a team.

Boon 2010 Champions

2011 update: And looks like we defended our title. Back to back Champions!

Boon 2011 Champions

Boon 2011 Champions. Back to Back