1. FAQ? Faq you too!
No actually. It stands for frequently asked questions.

2. How did you make this website?
A juvenile sense of humor and Ancient Chinese Magic

3. Why did you make this website?
First is to satisfy my insatiable ego. Second to catalog all the amusing things that has happened in my collegiate post-collegiate life. Third, to make YOU feel stupider about yourself after watching a video of your embarrassing moment last night. To Satisfy my insatiable ego

4. Do you really have a big ego?
Super Huge….Ginormous!….Total Overcompensation!

6. What’s with all this mysoginism? Do you really hate women?
Nope. Chicks/Girls rules! They make my world go round. Women on the hand don’t. If there was less women in the world….

7. I want to make a Bucket List also!
Well get going! Don’t just sit here and read about my list, go make your own. Carpe Diem, or in Nike terms, Just Do It! Here’s some ideas to get you started

8. I don’t agree with something you said on your site
Well you’re wrong because I am always right.

9. How can I be more like you?
You can’t. I’m the best. Deal with it.

10. Your stupid. I’m much cooler than you.
No you’re not. Now get back to your meaningless life

11. Yea I guess your right.
Damn straight I am.

12. How do I send you comments/requests and lap dances?
Direct all inquiries to