How the world became a better place

July 8th, 1981. The world became a better place all thanks to me, for on this day, I have graced the world with my presence. You are now a better person because of me. Rock on. So let’s celebrate!

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Career Milestones

1981: Graced the Earth. The world Rejoiced. The soil become

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Jin the PC version 2.0

So after 3 years Jin the PC is starting to show his age. With the new DirectX 10.0 games coming out and me learning the value of data backups and redundancy it was time to get a new upgrade. So here we go…….

But JonnyKu I’m a woman, my brain is 1/3 the size of men;

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The life of 20 somethings in New York City

Just trying to live the dream

Yankee ALDS Playoffs 2007

Ah yes the Yankees. Long live the Empire. Seeing as how I was back in New York finally after so many years in buffalo I figure it was time to get back into baseball and finally go to a Yankees Game, even though I spent 4 years of High School taking the number 4 train

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Ant Farm – Build me my Empire!

Antworks Ant Farm with Blue LED base

So for Christmas I got an Ant Farm as a gift (I requested it).What’s cool about this ant farm is it’s been reinvented for the 21st century with blue space gel! Apparently this gel is based on the one used in the 2003 NASA Space expedition, or to jog

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Full set of Hair

Asian Ben Wallace

This is what happens when you don’t use gel or comb your hair.

Welcome to ENYCEEEE

Welcome to Enycee. Who listens to car alarms these days anyways? Well this is my first rude awakening to the wonders of NYC. In Buffalo I would leave the doors to the house unlocked since it was too inconvenient for me to get my keys and open the door whenever I want to go

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End of a Dynasty

And so it must come to an end. 3 years of holding it down for my people in Buffalo NY and the Southern States. And with that, I leave with nice parting words from everyone to boost my ego a bit more.

Hate to see you go,Good luck

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Crawfish, delicacy of the south

So after traveling down south for so much you develop a taste for southern bbq and seafood. I found my bbq joint in buffalo, but I was lacking a good seafood joint for some catfish, gumbo, and good ol’ broiled crawfish. Thanks to the taste of buffalo, I was introduced to

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No Strippers Allowed

Like I child, I must be given instruction on what not to do. Gotta love roomies