Buffalo New York, that’s where I want to be!

The Happiness Index

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Music by Anthony Casuccio

Buffalo New York, that’s where I want to be. And it’s where I’ve been for the last 7 years of my life and here’s the reasons why.
The BFLO – (Buffalo NY) is the 2nd largest city in New York State but yet everything is

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Wine Tasting

Seneca Wine Trail

Furthering my experience of the anglo-saxon culture I decided to participate in a Wine Tasting tour. Yes I am called Jonny One Time due to the sad (although cost efficient) inability to drink more than 1 drink before becoming Jonny Volume. So I figured I could tag along and at least enjoy the

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Rock Climbing

Arms of Steel to Flash a pose.

With nothing to do on a saturday evening (Stupid Buffalo) we decided to all go climb a perfectly good wall.

My Goats!!!

Here’s the Prince trying to reach the top of the mountain where his goats are.


Here’s the veteran Kushy McKush showing Stallone how it’s done.

Save me Kush

And of course, my

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Who would want the Man, the Myth, the Legend to die?

Better yet the question is, how can you kill off a legend? Legends never die! But on closer investigation perhaps it’s because someone did the

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The Oscar get’s it’s revenge

When I first got my Oscar fish (the black fish with the stripes), he was smaller than this orange fish on the left. The orange fish would pick on him everyday,

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Jin the PC version 1.0

“JIN tha PC” version 1.0
Named after the first Asian Ruff Ryder, JIN tha MC
The Case – Lian Li PC60B

**PHASE 1**

My Case Before during Phase 1

The Power supply. As you can tell the cables are really messy.

I wrapped up my PSU cables in WHITE split looms for better air flow and

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That’s how you Fish!

Michigan Road Trips

Michigan Part 1 January 2002

Day 1
So where to begin. Since our buddy George visited us in buffalo a few months back it was me and Eric’s turn to repay him the favor and visit him at the University of Michigan. So

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