The Truth about Chuck Norris

–JonnyKu once stole candy from a baby, turns out it was Chuck Norris. This explained his extreme hatred for all things Asian.

–Chuck Norris once lost a bet to JonnyKu in arm wrestling. He now had to attend Ballet Classes. This is the origin of the Spin Kick. He has since learned to lower his arms

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Why facebook and myspace is Evil

From: Amanda Hugnkis
Sent: Wednesday, 10 December2008 9:35 a.m.
To: Jonathan Ku
Subject: Absence on Wednesday 10th 2008

Hi Jonathan,
Please provide a medical certificate otherwise known as a doctor’s note stating a valid reason for your sick leave on Wednesday 10th 2008.
Thank You

Human Resources

From: Jonathan Ku
Sent: Wednesday, 10 December2008 9:38 a.m.
To: Amanda Hugnkis
Subject: RE: Absence on

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Take me off your hitlist Santa!

So it’s Christmas time. In order to break the all time Santa hit list record of being in last place for about 23 years straight,

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Ten things wrong with the world today

Ok. So where does one begin? There are so many things wrong with the world today, from famine, to wars, to murder and natural disasters. The list would be

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How the woman’s suffrage movement started

Our Kind Loveable Cavemen

Back in the days of the caveman, women have always had it easy. It was always up to the Man of the

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Kush the questionable Douchebag

So the Kushmeister had this link in his profile outlining the qualities and characteristics on how to spot a douchebag. The photo below as viral photo passed around on the internet in 2005.

We both made fun of this person

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No one cares about you or your stupid Poetry

Don’t you hate it when people post inspirational quotes, from poems or songs or movies in their profile in some half hearted desperate attempt to

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Buy me shoelaces and ye shall be rewarded

Buy me Shoelaces Some people want ponies, and some want castles, some want fancy bags and shoes, and some want the bling bling and the ice. Me? I just

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Bless you Martha Stewart, you make the world go round

Bless you Martha Stewart, you make the world go round!
Thank you Martha Stewart. It is because of you millions of women around the world can finally do something

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Thank you Jin for finally showing up

All I can say is. It’s about effing time Jin. And here I thought you were bitching out, scared of the other chink, and when I say chink, I

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