#106 Whitewater Rafting

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I completed #106 on my list during a Bachelor party get away labor day weekend September 5th 2009. It was decided that we go white water rafting at the Gauley River in West Virginia.

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#92 Own an Original Piece of Art

Eiffel Tower over Seine in Sunset

With a custom frame installed

This was a nice Christmas present gift from someone. It’s an original Oil on Canvas piece of art entitled “Eiffel Tower over Seine in Sunset”. It was the perfect gift as no amount of money can buy it and is my first “Priceless” gift.

#39 Bet on a horse/dog/etc race

I accomplished #39 on the list during the summer of 2006. We have a yearly “it’s not a cabin trip” where a bunch of the guys get together at a cabin or house and just partake in guy stuff. That particular summer we decided to go to the Saratoga Race Tracks in Albany, NY for

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#83 Skinny Dip at Midnight

I accomplished this task in the Spring of 2003, Senior year in College. We all took a trip down to Jekyll Island Georgia and that’s where I skinny dipped.

Spring Fling 2003

No photos since you probably don’t want to see my pasty glow in the dark self.

Are you a dolphin?

#98 Go On a Demonstration

Pataki I know where you live!

One of the things to do is to stage a rally or protest. So in the Winter of 2003 when New York State was deciding to raise tuition fees for future students the Student Association (student government) of which I was apart of (yes surprisingly I was allowed to

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