#32 See the Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are one of the most awe inspiring displays one can see. They are Nature’s own Light Show. They occur during certain times of year during the winter months in locations close to the Northern Pole regions.

What the Northern Lights Should look like.

Thanks to the

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#42 Target Shooting

#42 in the book talks more about hitting your target. They want you to put a a cardboard cutout of your Boss or someone you hate, and then try and shoot the target. Well I don’t have many people I dislike in life that I would go about creating an elaborate cardboard cutout of them

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#102 Be there in Person when the Yankees win the World Series

#102 is probably one of the toughest items to complete on my list because a lot of it is out of my control. The Yankees have to not only make it to the World Series, but I actually have to be present and figure out which game they would clinch with. The last

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The Truth about Chuck Norris

–JonnyKu once stole candy from a baby, turns out it was Chuck Norris. This explained his extreme hatred for all things Asian.

–Chuck Norris once lost a bet to JonnyKu in arm wrestling. He now had to attend Ballet Classes. This is the origin of the Spin Kick. He has since learned to lower his arms

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Why facebook and myspace is Evil

From: Amanda Hugnkis
Sent: Wednesday, 10 December2008 9:35 a.m.
To: Jonathan Ku
Subject: Absence on Wednesday 10th 2008

Hi Jonathan,
Please provide a medical certificate otherwise known as a doctor’s note stating a valid reason for your sick leave on Wednesday 10th 2008.
Thank You

Human Resources

From: Jonathan Ku
Sent: Wednesday, 10 December2008 9:38 a.m.
To: Amanda Hugnkis
Subject: RE: Absence on

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#106 Whitewater Rafting

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I completed #106 on my list during a Bachelor party get away labor day weekend September 5th 2009. It was decided that we go white water rafting at the Gauley River in West Virginia.

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#92 Own an Original Piece of Art

Eiffel Tower over Seine in Sunset

With a custom frame installed

This was a nice Christmas present gift from someone. It’s an original Oil on Canvas piece of art entitled “Eiffel Tower over Seine in Sunset”. It was the perfect gift as no amount of money can buy it and is my first “Priceless” gift.

Jin the PC version 2.0

So after 3 years Jin the PC is starting to show his age. With the new DirectX 10.0 games coming out and me learning the value of data backups and redundancy it was time to get a new upgrade. So here we go…….

But JonnyKu I’m a woman, my brain is 1/3 the size of men;

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The life of 20 somethings in New York City

Just trying to live the dream

Yankee ALDS Playoffs 2007

Ah yes the Yankees. Long live the Empire. Seeing as how I was back in New York finally after so many years in buffalo I figure it was time to get back into baseball and finally go to a Yankees Game, even though I spent 4 years of High School taking the number 4 train

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