#67 Colombia

7 days in Colombia

Bogota (2 days) – Stayed at Hotel Simon. Visited Zipaquira Salt Cathedral. Ate at Andres DC which was in a mall but had live salsa band
Medellin (3 days) – Stayed at Happy Buddha Hostel. Learned Salsa Dancing, Parque Arvi (National Park), Metocable Car, Local Salsa Bar, Paragliding, Local Farmer’s Market (lunch) ,

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#9 Learn that instrument

I grew up playing the piano to classical music composed by the likes Mozart and Beethoven. It was something that was chosen for me by my mom.  I never particularly enjoyed it or really connected with it even though everyone around me including my music teacher all stated I had an innate talent for it.

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#6 Throw A House Party When Your Parents Are Out

Seeing as how I’m more grown up now, I probably won’t be throwing a house party when my parents are out in the literal sense. However back in 2004, I used to live with a roommate, the artist formerly known as “Big Baby Donuts” aka BBD, aka Matty Boom Boom, aka the Jolly Green Giant.

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#7 Eat Chocolate Covered Ants

Chocolate Covered Ants

With 2010 winding to a close, some friends of mine decided to have a secret santa exchange on New years eve. One of the gifts my Secret Santa got me was Chocolate Covered Ants, since I guess she saw this list and got me this gift to help me scratch off another

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#103 Lasik for my eyes. No more contacts!

Most people get Lasik Surgery for the perfect vision so they don’t have to deal with contacts or glasses anymore, For me I got it so I can shoot lasers out of my eyes. Yeah……frickin laser beams.

#86 Run a Marathon

January 2010:

One of my goals is to run a Marathon. It’s simpler said than done. To achieve something like this takes dedication, discipline and a change of lifestyle (eat well, drink less, and sleep more). I figure by attempting to do the Marathon it will help me with every other aspect of my life incidentally

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#42 Target Shooting

#42 in the book talks more about hitting your target. They want you to put a a cardboard cutout of your Boss or someone you hate, and then try and shoot the target. Well I don’t have many people I dislike in life that I would go about creating an elaborate cardboard cutout of them

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#102 Be there in Person when the Yankees win the World Series

#102 is probably one of the toughest items to complete on my list because a lot of it is out of my control. The Yankees have to not only make it to the World Series, but I actually have to be present and figure out which game they would clinch with. The last

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#106 Whitewater Rafting

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I completed #106 on my list during a Bachelor party get away labor day weekend September 5th 2009. It was decided that we go white water rafting at the Gauley River in West Virginia.

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