Let’s learn Guntanna

The chronicles of living with the Yoo Daddy. This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis. I believe he’s doing what is called Gun Kata

Dish liquid is not the same as Dish Detergent

So we’re all watching a movie one day, and the dish washer was humming away quietly and doing it’s job in the kitchen and setting an example all women should follow. When one of us decided to go into the kitchen for a beer run.
Apparently the person that attempted to burn down the house twice,

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Little Mean Bastard Dogs

So I had to dog sit my uncle’s 3 dogs one weekend and I came across an interesting thing that one of the dogs would do. This dog is kind of a runt. He’s half the size of the other 2 dogs so he gets picked on a lot. And the only way

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A Mexican Standoff

So the basic story goes like this. It’s early morning and I just woke up. I’m sitting at my desk and Lap (guy locked outside the house in the video below) comes running into my room asking “where’s the gun? where’s the gun?”. But while he’s saying this he’s holding my Berretta 92 airsoft gun.

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Sleeping in Accounting

Yangtze Crew Break Dancing – Asian Assembly 1999

Bronx High School of Science. “Asian Assembly 1999”

Asian Assembly is a huge packed crowd type of show every year that is held at the Bronx High School of Science were students perform various shows, from martial arts, to cultural dances, to well….um…..break dancing…because you know….Break dancing is part of ancient Chinese Culture don’t you know?

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How to make the world a better place for all (Special Effects)